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We are the World's First
Tattoo Shop for Objects

Choose a product, pick a design and burn it.
It’s as easy as that.

Customize our products

This reliable travel companion, perfect for writings, thoughts and passing notes, has a soft leather bound cover with rounded corners, acid free paper, a bookmark, an elastic closure and an expandable inner pocket that contains the Moleskine history. Created by you, engraved in our Lab. Your next softcover Moleskine in three sizes: Pocket...
Midori Traveler's Notebook is a big Japanese stationer and its high quality paper is perfect for writing with a fountain pen as it does not ‘bleed’. Your pen will just dance away on its paper, supporting your continuous stream of thoughts. Your Midori can always be easily refilled with all...
Protect your naked phone from scratches and dubious stares with a nice coat of wood and a personal engraving. This jacket for your phone consists of a wooden plate on the back and black plastics on the sides.  Created by you, engraved in our Lab. Comes in three types of wood: Black...
 This unique wooden postcard can be engraved with a personal text. Choose one of our designs or design your own postcard.  We advise to create your design with the help of our templates. If you have no experience with .ai or .eps-files, please submit your design as a high resolution...
By popular request, we've added our wooden postcards to the webshop. Either design your own postcard or pick one from our collection, the stamp's on us!

How it works

Choose a product

Choose a product

First we need to know where you want your design to be lasered on. We have Moleskines, wooden cutting boards, phone chargers and cases, but you're free to bring your own belongings to our physical store as well. Have a look at our FAQ to learn which materials are suitable for our laser cutter.

Pick a design

Pick or create a design

After you've chosen your product, it's time to pick your design. We've got an awesome collection of artwork by local artists waiting to be engraved. Want your own design engraved? No problem, just submit your file via our webshop or when you're visiting our physical store.

Engrave it

Burn it

The minute you push the final button in our webshop, multiple bells will ring at Uncover HQ. Your order will be lasered and either wrapped for shipping or wait for you to come and pick it up in store.

Need a gift for an anniversary, birthday or just because it’s Friday? How about a cutting board? Choose one out of our collection and let us personalize it for you! Think of a personalized cutting board for your parents’ anniversary, your girlfriend’s birthday or your favorite customer. We like to experiment so feel free to bring your own products and we will see what we can do!

Some of our clients

Custom MacBook for Balr
Custom stools for Jagermeister
Custom Christmas gifts for Tesla
Wooden phone chargers for WeTransfer
Uncover Lab is run by a team of amazing employees and independent artists. Have a peek and meet the team.
Our crew
Co-founder Victor
Victor - Co-founder
Victor is the mad mind behind Uncover Lab. He is of the rare breed that initiates and creates constantly. With his upbeat energy 'breathing life into objects' comes naturally. He likes climbing rooftops, dancing tango and basically, all things red. Victor founded Uncover and developed the process by which to customise MacBook with backlight art. He's also co-founded a totally different company which deals in mystery.
Co-founder Pim
Pim - Co-founder
Pim is the Dutch kind of tall and strong. With his architecture degree he is responsible for the design of the store. You could say, Pim is our fundament.
Store & Marketing manager Siem
Siem - Store and Marketing manager
Siem is Uncover's all-seeing eye. He leads the team at Uncover Lab, arranges our PR and always makes sure that everything goes as planned.
Creative Operator Hannah Kay
Hannah Kay - Design
Hannah Kay heads our design department, crafting new designs for customers, as well as finding ways to make (too) complex logo's work as backlight art. She also creates fantastic graphic artworks.
Creative Operator Lindsey
Lindsey - Creative Operator
Lindsey is a crazy, shoe loving, hair styling creative fountain. Turn her on artistically, and you're in for a treat. She is not one to be told to draw between the lines. Check out the work of her collective Chaotic Bastards and you'll see what we mean.
Creative Operator Sammy
Sammy - Creative Operator
Sammy is the sweetest team member you can imagine. 'No' is not a word in her vocabulary and she often saves the day. One of Sammy's specialities is lettering, a skill that comes in quite handy while decorating walls, floors, doors, ceilings and whatever comes her way.


Visit our Frequently asked questions or contact us

Can you explain your concept in 140 characters?

We're a tattoo shop for objects. Visit our (web)shop to personalize your (future) belongings just the way you want it with our #lasercutter.

If i have my own design, which format would be best to supply?

The best format for us to work with is a vector file made in Illustrator (.ai or .eps). If you have text in your design, make sure to expand it. We can also work with pixel based files, however this takes more time to convert into a vector file and there is a chance that quality is lost. No experience with vector files? No worries, here's a little manual to help you become the most powerful Illustrator Wizard of all times.

On which materials is it possible to engrave?

A lot! From experience we know that the following materials work great: leather, perspex, alluminium, wood, cardboard, bamboopaper, glass, plastic, sillicon, chocolat and slate. Hard materials like gold, copper and stainless steel are not possible. Also materials that are really reflective do not work (for example a mirror).

What is the average handling time of my order?

The handling time for an online order is between one and two days plus shipping time. When the product is sent, you’ll receive an email with the tracking number.

Is it possible to engrave on any product?

Being able to engrave a product it has to meet three requirements. First the surface has to be flat. Secondly the product has to fit in our laser engraver. Thirdly the material should be engravable (for engravable materials see question above).

What are the risks of bringing my own objects?

The word "Lab" in our store name already reveals what we do most of the time: experimenting. While we always aim for the best result, we're not always certain how your object reacts with our lasers. Luckily we have a skilled team equipped with lots of experience to inform you beforehand if there are any possible risks involved with your engraving. Please note that if you're taking a risk, we are not responsible for the outcome (unless we do something awfully stupid).

Can I start my own Uncover Lab?

Why not! We’d love to discuss franchising possibilities. Get in touch via hello@uncoverlab.com!

You found some white-colored text!

We customised laptops for some of the world'€™s biggest DJ'€™s, CEO'€™s and, at some point, the King of the Netherlands.
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